April 2, 2018

DBE Certification

In order to continue receiving funding, recipients must show that they have awarded contracts to companies who are DBE certified. Each year these government entities must set a goal for utilizing DBE certified firms on their projects. The end result is that there is a demand for DBE certified firms. Both the government agencies who set the goals and the non-DBE prime contractors that they hire are actively looking for companies with a DBE certification in order to meet their required goals. These government entities and the larger non-DBE firms with which they contract must use the services of DBE certified companies to fulfill their requirements with the Department of Transportation. Contracts for businesses that are DBE certified are always available because government entities which receive funding from the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are required to make contracts available to companies with a DBE certification. All state and local government entities who are recipients of funds from the FAA and FTA must have a DBE program if they plan to award contracts exceeding $250,000. All recipients of Federal FHWA funds must have a DBE program regardless of projected contract amounts.

The DBE Certification Certification Guide Includes:

    • What Is The DBE Certification Program
    • Get An Overview of The DBE Application Process
    • 7 Items That Will Cause You to Have Your Application Automatically Denied
    • What to Do If Your Application Is Denied
    • 11 Popular Myths About The DBE Certification Program
    • Checklist: Questions to Ask Your DBE Certification Consultant
    • Why Choosing The Wrong Service Provider Can Cost You
    • How Long Does It Take To Get DBE Certified

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