April 2, 2018

DBE Interstate Certification Guide

If you're already DBE Certified in your home state, and would like to be certified in other states, please refer to my free DBE Interstate Certification Guide. If you are seeking to apply for this certification, you must provide the complete copy of your initial home state application along with all the required supporting documentation. It's my sincere hope that you will find this DBE Interstate certification guide to be both educational and timely.

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Interstate Guide

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Contact a DBE Interstate certification attorney at DBE Direct regarding the 8(a) certification process. The DBE Interstate Certification Attorneys at DBE Direct are experienced and available to help you complete your DBE Interstate application. Our attorneys can be reached by phone at (786) 780-2241 or by e-mail using our Contact Form. We are ready to help you obtain your DBE Interstate certification. Our attorneys can thoroughly examine your application and make sure you meet all of the DBE Interstate certification requirements.