At DBE Direct, we strive hard to maintain a trustful and reliable environment for both of our current and potential clients.

1. We Are A Firm. Our team of lawyers understand the program not only from the perspective of one who prepares applications, but also as a firm that individuals turn to when things go wrong. We know what can go wrong so we can help you avoid those pitfalls in the application process.
2. Avoid Fraud. The certifications preparation industry is unregulated. There are many reputable companies in the industry, but there are also unscrupulous individuals who are more than willing to take advantage of you. We hear from individuals all of the time who have paid thousands to have their application prepared and who received little or nothing in return. As members of the Florida and D.C. Bar Associations, we are regulated and insured. We will not and cannot promise to provide a service that we cannot deliver.
3. Avoid Fraud, Part II. The preparation of your application requires you to provide confidential information about you and your business. Who has access to that information? How it is stored? What safeguards are in place to safeguard your information? What recourse do you have if your information is lost or stolen? We are first and foremost a firm. We routinely handle our clients’ most confidential matters every day. We have all of the insurance and other measure utilized by a typical firm to ensure the safety of your confidential information. Moreover, at DBE Direct, your application is prepared by an attorney. From the moment you speak to us, the attorney-client privilege applies. We cannot divulge any information about your or your company to anyone without your approval. When your application is complete and you have been accepted into the program, all of your information including passwords and copies of documents are either returned to you or destroyed.
4. If we determine during your application process that additional documents are required, we can prepare them. We don’t supply generic forms that you fill out. We prepare your Bylaws, Operating Agreements, etc., not only to meet your business needs. A non-lawyer should never prepare these important legal documents for you since they have legal implications beyond the program.
5. Once You’ve Obtained Your Certification, We Can Continue To Help You. We are often retained by clients to assist them in preparation of bid documents, joint venture agreements, teaming agreements, mentor-protégé agreements, business development and other services. Once we know and understand your business we will provide you with leads to government contracts, help you team with other clients and generally help you grow your business. Our goal is always to assist you in developing a successful and profitable business with the hope of continuing to provide you with legal services as your business grows.
6. Even if you don’t qualify or are not prepared to apply for the program, we are familiar with other federal, state, local and private programs for small, minority and women owned business that can help you grow your business.
7. Unfortunately, Things Can Wrong. We Can Represent You When They Do. After you obtain certification, you may become involved in a bid protest, debarment procedures, or size challenge. You become aware of fraud by a competitor. In all of those instances, we can help.
8. We Can Help You No Matter What State You Live In. Where we can’t assist you because of local bar rules, we have contacts with other lawyers who can assist us in representing you.
9. We Are Accessible. When you call or email us, you will speak to an attorney or an attorney will return your call or email within 24 hours or less.
10. Our Prices Are Competitive. We recognize that there are less expensive options for the preparation of your application. In fact, we often urge potential clients to shop around. Other firms often post their rates on the internet which can give you an idea of what it will cost you to prepare your application. We believe that our fees reflect the amount work we perform on your behalf and which fairly compensates us for the value we deliver.